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Company Profile

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Shandong VERO Heating & Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise that professionally engages in the researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing of the heat energy equipment and refrigeration equipment. It owns abundant new and high-technical strength, advanced production-testing equipments, as well as high-quality service institutions. The company adheres to the principles of "technological innovation, integrity-based, service-first" to provide energy-saving and environmental-protection products and first-class services for both the society and the users.

The products that have been researched and manufactured now: gas water heater for heating, fully-premixed condensing gas water heater for heating, commercial-module gas boiler, gas water heater, gas cooker, range hood, solar energy&gas assisted heating / hot water system, etc, whose technical contents all have reached the industrial leading level.

In global advocation of energy saving and emission reduction today, VERO company is committed to forging the leading company in heating industry, devotes itself to technological innovation, in order to fill the technology gaps in the industry. We have obtained many invention patents as well as opened up new fields.

VERO is leading the heating field to the precedent of energy saving and emission reduction. We reach and exceed the technological level of current abroad cast aluminum heat exchanger design, which total fill up the blank of technological design, production and direct application of domestic condensing boiler cast aluminum heat exchanger. We will make great contribution to world's energy saving and emission reduction as well as the pushing the development of thermal field.

In 2009, VERO introduced the gas-fired boiler technique of German VERO and successively developed a new gas-fired boiler technique that is more suitable to Chinese customers, safer, more energy-saving and easier to operate by integrating the using environments of gas-fired boilers in the domestic market and the relevant requirements of Chinese national standards, as well as EU standards, so that it has become one of people’S necessities in their daily life that is more suitable, stronger adaptable and more popular among the like products.

VERO company specialize in producing appearance of boiler equipment to strengthen the anti-corrosion of the surface of the external wall and the treatment of prettier appearance. We use the stable coating to process the surface in order to ensure that the color of boiler equipment can last long enough.


Company Profile


Company Phone:+86-0534-5222677

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Add : No. 2999, Chongde 5th Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

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