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1 Project Overview
1.1 Project name
Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (Jiaodong Community)

1.2 Project address
Jiaodaokou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

1.3 Project Overview
1.3.1 Building Type
office building

1.3.2 Building/heating area
     A total of 290,000㎡

1.3.3 Number of installation units
WNLNC-770, 29 units

1.3.4 Heating use

1.3.5 Fuel and calorific value
Fuel: natural gas; calorific value: 35169KJ/Nm3 (low calorific value);

1.3.6 Project Requirements
Interior design temperature: 18℃;

Heating water temperature: 60℃;

Heating return water temperature: 45℃;

Heating period: November 15th - March 15th;

Heating period days: 120 days;


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