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Heating boiler manufacturers introduce the function and scope of heating boilers and the characteristics of safety protection functions

The heating boiler has the characteristics of low pressure, high temperature, safety, high efficiency and energy saving. With complete operation control and safety monitoring device, the working temperature can be precisely controlled.

Cast aluminum boiler manufacturers share: What are the advantages of using low nitrogen cast aluminum boilers at present?

At present, more and more fields have begun to apply low-nitrogen cast aluminum boilers, which makes many users who are already using traditional boilers begin to wonder whether to upgrade. As this new type of boiler application has more and more advantages, the regional places where this type of boiler is used has begun to increase, and then please talk about the advantages of this type of boiler for your reference when choosing and applying.

Fully premixed condensing boiler is a heat source win-win equipment that meets the needs of various large and medium-sized heating and domestic hot water heat loads

If the fully premixed condensing boiler is not in use for a short period of time, it can be turned off by pressing the switch button. If the boiler is not used for a long time in summer, you can choose the following methods: press the power button to shut down, turn off the power, turn off the gas valve, turn off the tap water inlet valve of the modular furnace, and then drain the water in the boiler and heating system.

What are the characteristics of low nitrogen boilers? Why use a low nitrogen boiler?

The products produced by professional low nitrogen boiler manufacturers have a high degree of automation. The user does not need to go to the production floor to turn the equipment on and off. The operation of the device can also be controlled remotely by the controller. Users only need to press the switch to complete the low nitrogen boiler.

Low nitrogen boiler manufacturers take you to understand why we need to transform low nitrogen boilers

At present, the pollutant discharge of boilers in my country seriously exceeds the standard, and the pollution area is larger. Therefore, the state advocates that unqualified and low-efficiency energy boilers such as traditional fuel oil or natural gas should participate in the transformation. Here, the transformation of low-nitrogen boilers into low-nitrogen boilers is taken as an example.

Does the fully premixed condensing boiler work for floor heating?

When many floor heating dealers make floor heating solutions for owners, they will equip them with fully premixed condensing boilers. Since fully premixed condensing boilers are more expensive than ordinary boilers, many owners feel that expensive is good, and they think that European countries are all Mandatory use of fully premixed condensing boilers and fully premixed condensing boilers save energy.
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