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Intelligent Gas-Electric Coupled Interconnection System

Intelligent Gas-Electric Coupled Interconnection System

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Interconnection System and Working Principle>>>

There 's No Making Without Breaking

VERO is good at breaking the fixed mode of today's heating (cooling) industry, and the smart gas-electric coupling system came into being. The "three highs" problems of high investment in traditional heating and heat source equipment, high use costs and high heating risks have plagued the industry for a long time. The electric coupling system couples and interconnects the air energy tower and the gas boiler, breaking the original single heat source method in the heating industry. With intelligent chip control, the two heat source devices can be intelligently switched or cooperated to provide heating according to the actual heating environment to achieve heating. Maximize output, effectively reduce heating input and use costs, and ensure heating safety in harsh heating environments.

Technical Energy Saving

VERO smart gas-electric coupling system not only innovates the model, but also carries out the research and development, upgrade and start-up of the module on the original basis. The anti-drifting energy tower (free of defrost) can effectively avoid the troubles caused by defrosting in winter. It can also ensure the exchange efficiency. The unique corrosion-resistant heat exchanger can effectively improve the service life and work efficiency of the equipment. The original refrigerant retention system ensures the storage and purity of the refrigerant. The air source energy tower heat pump system of VERO heats in winter. The average energy efficiency is 3.5, the comprehensive energy efficiency of refrigeration and heat recovery is 9.5, and the annual comprehensive energy efficiency of hot water production is above 6.6. In areas north of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei latitude, where the ambient wet bulb temperature is below -20 in winter, the traditional air heating energy efficiency ratio will be greatly reduced. It cooperates intelligently with the air energy tower to increase the water temperature by 10-20°C to ensure the heating effect and completely break the dilemma of air energy in harsh heating environments.

Coupl Ing Compl Ementation

Intelligent Gas-Electric Coupled Interconnection System, including intelligent control unit, gas boiler, heat pump unit, energy tower and heating pipeline, the heating circulation pipeline includes main water outlet pipe, main return water pipe, heat exchanger, electric valve, flow meter , sensors and circulating water pumps. The gas boiler and the energy tower heat pump unit are coupled by the circulating pump, and the intelligent control chip automatically selects the operation mode with high efficiency and low cost according to the difference in electricity price and natural gas price through calculation. The two energy sources of air energy unit and gas boiler, in addition to effective cost control through intelligent control, can also complement the lack of heating safety in harsh temperature environments, effectively increasing the safety of distributed central heating.



System Advantage>>





Multi construction industry adaptation,Customized heating solutions

According to the heating needs of different building formats (such as ordinary residences, complexes, hotels, schools, venues, etc.), provide comprehensive plan analysis and cost budget, formulate the best design and construction plan, effectively reduce the customer's basic investment, and achieve the best put into production. We provide comprehensive heating solutions for out ratio, pre-sales consultation, service design, and after-sales service.













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